We offer a friendly and safe accommodation near the attractions of central London. In our hostel rooms, you can book a single bed or even an entire hostel room.

Book your accommodation by sending an email:

For group accommodations, please contact the service manager Mervi Mattila:

More about the Accommodation

  • The church has two four-person hostel rooms where you can reserve beds.
  • A bed in a four-person room: £35 / person / night.
  • The rooms have bunk beds, a shower, and a toilet.
  • Each room is equipped with a refrigerator and a kettle.
  • Bedding, towels, and internet access are included in the accommodation price.
  • The café, TV, and magazines are available to guests during the church’s opening hours.
  • If you would like to book a sauna, you can book a slot for our public sauna sessions or a private sauna from this link. (Sauna bookings open about a month in advance.)
Vaalea kolmikerroksinen rakennus, jonka lipputangossa SUomen lippu.

Rules of the Accommodation

  • The guests must arrive at the church within the opening hours.
  • If the arrival or departure falls outside of the opening hours, it must be arranged separately with the staff.
  • For arrivals later than the opening hours, there will be an additional door opening fee of £20-£50, depending on the arrival time.
  • The accommodation fee is to be paid upon arrival for the entire duration. The key will be handed over in exchange for cash (£20) or a passport.
  • The room must be vacated, and the keys returned on the morning after the last night of accommodation by 11 am (check-out).
  • Any cancellations must be made at least a week before arrival, otherwise, we will charge for the accommodation.